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Since 1999, people throughout Rhode Island have been looking to Attorney Christopher E. Friel for help with a broad range of legal issues. While some of the faces may have changed over the years, the principles that guide us have not. We remain committed to individual attention and personal service for every client.

We understand that it can be difficult to find a lawyer you feel comfortable discussing sensitive legal issues with, especially when you need help in more than one area of law. Attorney Friel has built his practice specifically to accommodate the growing needs of his clients. You can feel confident that you will get the help you need with just one phone call.

Friel's Background

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A lifelong Rhode Island resident, Attorney Christopher E. Friel practices with the Law Office of Christopher E. Friel, LLC, centrally located in Warwick, Rhode Island.

A graduate of Roger Williams University School of Law, located in Bristol, Rhode Island, Attorney Friel served as the Senior Survey Editor for the Roger Williams University Law Review. While attending law school, he authored Downloading A Defendant:  Is Categorizing Internet Contacts A Departure From The Minimum Contacts Test?

which has been cited by numerous courts and scholarly articles.  Additionally, Attorney Friel authored Law Review survey articles on numerous Rhode Island cases and statutes, including State v. Francis, 719 A.2d 858 (R.I. 1998); State v. Saluter, 715 A.2d 1250 (R.I. 1998); State v. Webber, 716 A.2d 738 (R.I. 1998); Allard v. Allard, 708 A.2d 554 (R.I. 1998); Bielecki v. Boissel, 715 A.2d 571 (R.I. 1998); Robinson v. Delfino, 710 A.2d 154 (R.I. 1998); In re Robert A. DiBiasio, 705 A.2d 972 (R.I. 1998); An Act Relating to State Affairs and Government – DCYF Records – Confidentiality of Records; and An Act Relating to Motor and Other Vehicles.  Also appearing in the Spring 1999 edition of the Roger Williams University Law Review was a book note co-authored by Friel, entitled “Liberty and Justice: A History of Laws and Lawyers in Rhode Island, 1636 – 1998, by Patrick T. Conley.”

While in law school, Friel was the recipient of the State of Rhode Island Senate Fellowship, and worked in the State Senate Policy Office researching and drafting legislation.  Additionally, he was a Rule 9 Attorney with both the Roger Williams University School of Law Criminal Defense Clinic and the Rhode Island Office of the Public Defender.

In addition to his law practice, he has served eight years on the Warwick School Committee (2005 – 2013), chairing the committee for four of those years.  Attorney Friel is actively involved in the Rhode Island Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and has helped raise funds for the cure of blood cancers through the Team in Training program.  Christopher E. Friel currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Rhode Island Chapter of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Association.

Attorney Friel has argued and briefed numerous cases, on a variety of subjects, before the Rhode Island Supreme Court including the following:

Father Awarded Placement of Child

Parker v. Williams Following a successful trial in the Rhode Island Family Court, Attorney Friel argued on behalf of a father who was awarded custody and placement of his son.  The Rhode Island Supreme Court upheld the Family Court’s decision.

Healthcare Coverage and Divorce

Horton v. Horton  In a matter handled on appeal, Attorney Friel argued on behalf of a husband who was ordered to maintain health insurance for the benefit of his ex-spouse in contravention of Rhode Island law.  On appeal, the Rhode Island Supreme Court struck down that portion of the trial judge’s decision mandating the continuation of health insurance for three years.

Rhode Island’s Anti-SLAPP Law

Palazzo v. Alves  A case of first impression in the State of Rhode Island, Attorney Friel successfully defended an elected official who was being sued for damages under Rhode Island’s anti-SLAPP statute.  Attorney Friel prevailed in the Rhode Island Superior Court having the matter dismissed.  Following full briefs and argument, the Rhode Island Supreme Court unanimously upheld the dismissal of plaintiffs’ action.

Complex Business Valuation

Esposito v. Esposito Attorney Friel briefed and argued the matter before the Rhode Island Supreme Court and sucessfully upheld the Family Court’s decision denying the opposing party’s attempt to reopen the divorce agreement following the sale of his client’s business. 

Asset and Pension Protection

Pelosi v. Pelosi  Attorney Friel successfully represented a mother in the Rhode Island Family Court, assisting her in obtaining placement of her son, continued use and possession of the marital residence, and the entirety of her Rhode Island State Employee pension.  On appeal, the Rhode Island Supreme Court affirmed the decision of the Family Court judge, and denied the opposing party’s attempt to reopen the divorce case.

Child Relocation

Deprete v. Deprete  In this Rhode Island Supreme Court case, Attorney Friel successfully prevented the relocation of his client’s minor children to the State of Texas. 

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Rhode Island General Practice Attorney

From helping clients resolve complex family law issues to protecting the interests of those involved in civil litigation, injured in an accident or facing criminal charges, you can rely on us to provide the focused, thorough and results-oriented representation you need to secure a positive outcome.

Attorney Friel seeks to build long-term relationships with his clients. He has been serving the legal needs of a number of families in this area. The quality of our service is proven by the number of personal referrals and repeat visits he receives from the many people he have been privileged to have served over the years.